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Taster Week

Don’t want to dive right in? Dip a toe in the water with our unique Upholstery Taster Week. Learn the basic principles of upholstery such as webbing, springing, stuffing, re-covering and shallow buttoning. Become familiar with upholstery tools and terminology. Examine fabrics, practise measuring-up and cutting-out.

If you’ve already had a go at upholstery, we can help you move on to more-advanced projects. Learn the complete re-building of furniture from the frame up – with sprung arms and back, stitched-edge rolls, deep buttoning, and gimps and braids.

Recently upholstered dining chairs

You could restore both of these in your first week

Learn to restore drop in dining chairs(on the left and stuff over chairs (on the right).

Upholstery Workshop

Master the tools of the trade

Learn to handle the important

tools of the trade.

AMUSF diploma

Counts towards your AMUSF Diploma

If you enjoy your week (most people do) it could count towards your AMUSF Diploma in Traditional and Modern Upholstery.

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