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About Us

Liz Marks


Liz has led the Traditional Upholstery Workshop for over a decade, having previously trained under, and then taught beside, the founder, Myra Cazalet. Prior to that, she gained experience in interior design, decoration and fine joinery.

Liz brings all this experience and design flair to her teaching at the Workshop. Her love for the craft, high standards and incredible attention to detail mean that students come to recognise - and to produce - upholstery of the highest quality.

She is an accredited AMUSF Master Upholsterer as well as a friend member of the Guild of Upholsterers, and a well-respected figure in the upholstery community.


Upholstery aside, Liz is a welcoming presence in the workshop and ensures that everyone has a relaxed and rewarding time.

Emily Edwards


Emily started out studying theatre and has a BA in Devised Theatre from Dartington College of Arts. She then spent 10 years working in hospitality as an events co-ordinator and managing various restaurants, bars and hotels until she completed the Traditional Upholstery Diploma in 2009 and discovered a real talent for upholstery.


Emily immediately went into business for herself under the name Recovered Upholstery taking commissions and creating her own unique pieces of furniture and has taught alongside Liz at the Traditional Upholstery Workshop since 2010.  She is a gifted teacher.  And she has a dog called Pumpkin.



Sofa tester

It isn't finished until Siskin says it's finished


Chief Bassett

Pumpkin is a highly trained Bassett hound, who can sniff out upholstery flaws at more than a mile.

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