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Find out what our students think of us.

A selection of excerpts from cards and letters we have received over the years.



Dear Liz and Emily, Thank you so much for a great week, for all your patience and inspiration.  I really feel I am making progress and gaining confidence.

Hope to be back again soon.

With love and thanks,




Dear Liz & Emily, Thank you so much for your help and guidance on the course.  This has been more than learning a trade for me job, new countries, new friends...thank you I count you among them.  I'm sure you've yet to see the last of me! Love Kathryn



Dear Liz,

Thank you for getting me through Level 2, and for teaching me that if something is wrong, even a little bit wrong, go back and fix it.  That will prove a good lesson learned at Uni I think. 

Looking forward to Level 3.

All the best,



Dearest Liz and Emily,

What a wonderful time I've had with you over the last 14 weeks!

Thank you so much for all the skills you've taught me, the support you've given me, but mostly for being so patient with me and putting up with my nonsensical ridiculousness!

Lots of love


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We love hearing from our upholstery students. Sometimes they are kind enough to blog about their time with us. Here is a selection. Click the photo for more.


Read about Tatiana's fascinating journey into fine craft work.

Craft is all about small know-how and one can never have too much good training. And I would have no hesitation to recommend The Traditional Upholstery Workshop  to anyone who is interested to explore the fascinating world of traditional upholstery.




Read more about Annie's time with us.

After years of working as a therapist I have found upholstery to be wonderfully satisfying - clients are rarely completely ‘restored’, and you can’t generally sit on them.

Learning a traditional skill connects us to the past - making and mending furniture that was supposed to last down generations. Employing a professional upholsterer is expensive because it takes a lot of work. If you want something to last only a couple of years go to IKEA.

Sitting on my stitched, stuffed and sprung chair I am Queen.



Learn what happened when a professional upholsterer came on our course

Talk about self conscious. I’m supposed to be a professional and I seem to do everything wrong. I don’t do upholstery like this at all. I regulate through the scrim, this way feels like grooming a monkey. Surely I don’t need to mark out my stitches? And surely that’s a tight enough edge roll? What do you mean I have to unpick it and do it again? 


By day three I have stabbed myself with a regulator so many times that I am applying plasters on top of plasters and wondering if my Tetanus jab is up to date. Everyone is lovely, but I’m keeping my head down, feeling not very professional at all. 


By day five I have made the most perfect and beautiful seat possible. As I look at it I realise I am changed. I have learned.



I thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Traditional Upholstery Workshop and found the whole experience immensely rewarding. 


There is a huge sense of achievement to be gained from transforming a tired old piece of furniture into something that will be admired and cherished for many years to come.


Now I can't wait to get my own set of tools and start my next project!


Leanne x

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