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Our Upholstery Graduates

What our graduates are doing now

Thinking about changing career?  Or looking for a rewarding new hobby?

Get inspired by our upholstery course graduates. Find out what they did with their training.  Learn how they changed career.  Read about how they started new businesses. 


This occasional series begins with Paul Behen.

Paul Behen, Industrial Cottage

Joined in 2009. Still coming back in 2017.

What makes Paul Behen travel all the way from Chicago, USA to little old Meidrim in south west Wales?  There must be something special.  Find out more...

Ilona Hadfield, Fandangle Interiors

Joined in 2014. Full AMUSF Diploma 2017

What do you do when your ambition to be a travelling sculptor doesn't come off?  Why, become a skilled upholsterer, that's what.  Here's Ilona's story.

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Graduate Showcase

We're proud of our graduates. Many go on to start their own business after graduation. Others enjoy a rewarding hobby, creating unique pieces for their homes.


This is where we tell their stories. If you are thinking of joining one of our courses, we hope it gives you some inspiration.


If you are a graduate of the Traditional Upholstery Workshop and would like to appear in our Showcase please get in touch.

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